Lovingly crafted pieces

Instone Memorials proudly support our customers with a complete service range that epitomises our attention to detail and our friendly, understanding approach.

We deal with all of your requirements in-house to ensure we deliver a consistent service that captures your memories in stone for eternity.


A comprehensive range of memorials across a variety of colours, designs and finishes


We offer a full renovation service throughout Hertfordshire and surrounding areas


A full maintenance and grave tending service alongside expert advice on stone care


Undertaking memorial removals throughout Hertfordshire and surrounding areas


Our stonemasons can add perfectly matching letters to existing memorials


Affordable memorial insurance to cover the risk of accidental damage and vandalism


We have built our service around helping customers in making the right decisions, supporting them in perfectly capturing memories of their loved ones.
Our stunning selection of headstones, book and traditional kerbed memorials can perfectly capture the remembrance of a loved one without contravening Local Authority or Diocese regulations, while our bespoke services provide additional flexibility for those who need it.


Over time, weather conditions can have an adverse effect on the condition of the stone.
We offer a full renovation service throughout the Hertfordshire area that includes repair work, re-levelling, cleaning, resurfacing, re-gilding and the repainting of inscriptions.

Grave maintenance

Instone Memorials offers highly flexible maintenance services. Often this includes twice-yearly washing and cleaning, levelling work and the laying of floral tributes on special anniversaries. However, our packages can be tailored to your requirements.

Additional inscriptions

Our experienced stonemasons have the ability to add matching letters to any existing inscriptions on your memorial. In most instances, we will carefully remove the memorial from site to allow the work to be carried out at our workshops. In circumstances where removal isn’t possible, our stonemasons can add new inscriptions on-site.

Memorial insurance

For your complete peace of mind, Instone Memorials offers memorial insurance to cover the risk of accidental damage, malicious damage and vandalism.
Our affordable insurance, usually taken out over a five-year term, can be obtained at the time of a memorial purchase or at any time in the future.

Our memorial collection