A sensitive and compassionate approach

A meaningful and personal service

Our dedicated team will focus on providing you and your family with the highest level of service, taking you through the process with compassion and sensitivity.

We will explain and guide you through each step, ensuring you are informed and comfortable you are making the right decisions that will capture the lasting memory of your loved one.

Step 1

Book an appointment with a member of the Instone Memorials team. This can be done via email, phone, Facebook or by visiting our shop in Stevenage.

Step 2

During the consultation we will explain the process of putting a memorial in place, gather and discuss any ideas you may have, review shapes and styles, discuss budget and future planning, for example, if the memorial will be for more people in time.

Step 3

Choosing a memorial is a really important decision so we advise you take the time to review the information we have given you and discuss your memorial plans and designs with family and friends.

Step 4

Once you have decided on a memorial that you feel perfectly captures the memory of your loved one, we will ask you to complete an order approval form and will then start liaising with the cemetery or churchyard on your behalf, completing any paperwork they require. 

Step 5

We will work on the memorial layout, showing you different fonts and layouts so you can see exactly how everything will look. This also takes into consideration any forward planning.

Step 6

The finished memorial is fitted in situ in line with health and safety rulings. At this point we will contact you to say all is complete. If you are unable to get to the cemetery or churchyard then we can send a photo.

Our commitment to you

Choosing a memorial is an important decision. For this reason, we will always give you the time you need to make the right choice for you and your family.

Instone Memorials has built an outstanding reputation for offering a traditional service that is delivered in a modern way by experienced professionals who genuinely care.

We are here to set your memories in stone for eternity and will always be at hand with the best independent help, advice and customer care whenever you choose to undertake your journey with us.